Learn how to Earn 33% ROI while holding 75% Cash 
By Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies

Learn How To Build a Yield Farm Portfolio

Learn how to Yield Farm
Learn how we take someone with  Zero understanding of Crypto/Blockchain to confidently begin Yield Farming within 4 weeks!

''I'm Doing a Deep Dive Into Crypto, I'm Fully Converted, I'm Not Missing This!"

Steve Cohen
- Point 72 Asset Management

Actual ROI Possible in DeFi
30% - 1000% APY

Total Value Locked Growth $500M --> $60B
in 18 Months

"One of the highest insight-per-second classes I've taken... and it's only week 1. Thank you @ai for the excellent kickoff to DeFi masterclass today"

Brian Rumao, Chief of Staff
- Linkedin

Just completed the Defi Masterclass with @ai and @kedric; what a wonderful way to fall down the DeFi rabbit hole, meet interesting & curious people, and move from reading to actually doing. Highly recommend!

Shiyan Koh, Managing Partner 
- Hustle Fund

"The [$17 Trillion Dollar] Financial Services Industry is Being Disrupted Before our Very Eyes. This Is The Internet of Value and It will change EVERYTHING"

Raoul Pal, CEO
- Real Vision  
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